A Quick Tour on Los Angeles Pride


A Quick Tour on Los Angeles Pride

Planning to visit Los Angeles soon but overwhelmed with all the “must visit” sites you see on the television? It’s a fact that Los Angeles has a lot to offer, but no need to squeeze in everything in your itinerary. We will give you a quick tour on Hollywood Boulevard and various restaurants and its famous dishes that is definitely a must-try on your upcoming LA trip.

Hollywood Lovers

If you love watching movies and celebrities interest you, you must definitely visit Hollywood Boulevard! First among the list is the famous Hollywood wax museum where you can see life-like wax figures of the most famous celebrities. Feel free to go full-fanatic mode while taking pictures with your favorite celebrity. 

Next is the Hollywood museum where thousands of memorabilias, props and artifacts are displayed to give a real movie-like experience to its visitors. There are other attractions like the Hollywood Highland station or just do some celebrity like shopping at Hollywood & Highland. Along the sidewalk, don’t forget to snap some pictures of your favorite celebrity’s walk of fame stars. 

There are also a few famous theaters you can enjoy during the visit. If you are a huge Disney fan, El Capitan Theatre is something you should not miss. If you are more into concerts, musical and comedy type of show, go for the Dolby theatre experience. 

Food Lovers

If you are not much into Hollywood, I am sure food is something that piques your interest, who doesn’t? If you love to watch TV shows, there’s a big chance you will hear the city of Los Angeles when it comes to good food and dining experience. Make sure to take note as these are some of Los Angeles pride you must try!

French Dip Sandwich, the iconic sandwich that everyone is going crazy about. Made of your choice of meat and cheese and some secret ingredients, that will make you go back for more. You can get it at Philippe the original and at Cole’s, you can never go wrong with these two.

Next are Roscoe’s chicken and waffles. It’s not something you can't compare to your usual fish and chips as it is jam-packed with flavors from its special gravy and onions. Famous people like the former president Barack Obama cannot resist but try Roscoe’s pride, in return they named a special dish after him. 

Last two on our list is an adult favorite, Rib, and Martini! The famous, mouth-watering prime rib dinner from Lawry’s the prime is always a good way to stuff yourself, with its original recipe from 1938, the dish has amazed more than we could imagine already. If you are into some fun, a quick Martini at Musso & Frank grill is always a great way to end the day at Los Angeles.

Overall, Los Angeles is a pretty big city that has a lot to offer. It is not just the Hollywood and the food, but also the people, culture and other experience are what you should look forward to. After all, first-hand experience beats nothing.