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Maserati Service Repair: Tips For Your Performance Vehicle
A new Maserati is a performance vehicle that will give you driving pleasure you have never felt. However, you need to know how to care for these vehicles properly. There are a few tips below that explain how to care for your new vehicle, and you can use these tips to ensure that the vehicle drives beautifully for many years to come.

You need to change the oil early in each cycle

Your new Maserati has a computer and sensors that can tell you when to change the oil. However, you need to go to the mechanic a bit early in every cycle. The engine in any new Maserati is very tightly-wound. When the oil starts to get low, you will notice a significant drop in performance. If you let the oil get too low too fast, you could damage the engine.

You need to make sure the tires are in good condition

Your Maserati is capable of cornering very well, and it can reach high speeds on the highway in a matter of seconds. However, the car cannot do any of these things if the tires are in poor condition. These cars use thinner tires that are meant for performance driving, and you should have them rotated, balanced, and aligned at every service. Even the slightest change in tire performance will ruin your fuel economy, performance, and handling.

Make sure the electronics work properly

Because you have bought a performance vehicle, you likely plan to drive it fast as often as you can. However, there are several driver aids in the car that help you drive the car aggressively. If you have not had the electronics checked during each service, these driver aids could stop working at the wrong time. Make sure that you ask the mechanic about the electronics, and have the mechanic test drive the car to make sure everything works properly.

Only go to an authorized mechanic

Performance vehicles like a Maserati are designed differently from standard family cars. You cannot go to a standard mechanic around the corner, and you cannot visit chains that offer quick oil changes. You must go to a mechanic who works on performance cars or foreign cars every day.

For the best results, you should choose a mechanic who specializes in sports cars. When you see the most famous brands listed in the mechanic’s ads, you will know you have gone to the right place. The mechanic can get factory parts for your car, and they might have even taken a training course at the Maserati factory to learn how to service these vehicles.

One more thing about servicing your Maserati

You must take your Maserati to the shop any time you feel it is not driving properly. If the steering rack feels loose, the transmission does not shift properly, or you notice an odd smell in the car, you should visit your mechanic. These cars are beautiful to drive, but they need more care than your average family sedan.

All About Los Angeles

Los Angeles is the second second-largest city in the United States, and it is well-known as the entertainment center of the world due to the mega-establishment of the Hollywood film industry and other thriving entertainment sectors. There are many other interesting facts about this major metropolis that you may not have known, so read on and find out some interesting tidbits.

Essential stats

The city is situated in a large basin with the Pacific Ocean on the west coast and a mountain range to the east with peaks that soar as high as 3,000 meters. The total surface area of the city is about 503 square miles that consist of 34 square miles of water and 469 square miles of land.

Los Angeles, founded in 1781, is translated from Spanish as “The Angels.” The city and the rest of the state of California did not join the United States until 1848, which was the end of the Mexican-American War. The land was purchased in the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. California was the 30th state to be inducted into the union at that time.


Los Angeles brings in a lot of visitors due to its popular tourist attractions. One of the largest is Universal Studios Theme Park that features exciting rides that are based on well-known blockbuster films. The theme park is also adjoined to a working film studio. Tourists enjoy the opportunity to take guided tours of the studios where the world’s biggest movies are created. An even more iconic tourist attraction is the famous Disneyland theme park that is located just outside of the city. It is a full resort that provides hotels, rides and a wide variety of entertainment for the whole family.

Another popular tourist destination is the Hollywood district where so much entertainment history can be experienced in person. Visitors can see the famous Hollywood sign, the Walk of Fame, the Chinese Theater and celebrities can occasionally be seen in the area. While in Los Angeles, you can also visit the famous La Brea Tar Pits where a great number of fossils remain of giant prehistoric creatures.

Healthy population

Los Angeles was recently ranked 16th in the country for one of the fittest and healthiest populations in the United States. This is due to the low percentage of smokers and obese people in the city. The fitness craze in the city comes naturally with the millions of people in the area who want to be seen in front of a camera or wear revealing clothing on the beaches and in the warm, sunny weather. The city also has a large proportion of recreation and fitness centers for the population. The cuisine of Los Angeles, like many other west-coast cities, is oriented toward fresh fruits, vegetables and other healthy foods.

Thriving industries

Aside from cinema, Los Angeles is a leader in many other industries. The fashion industry in L.A. rivals that of New York and Paris with over 87,000 people working in this field. The city is also a major hub for aerospace and other technologies.